About Medkoo

MedKoo is a world leading provider of  small molecule medicines including  anticancer reagents, kinase inhibitors and other pharmaceutical related chemicals. We have operation office located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, and have research and manufacturing facilities in China.

MedKoo was founded in 2009 by Dr. Qingqi Chen, who obtained a Ph.D. in synthetic/medicinal chemistry from Peking University, and received postdoctoral trainings at Johannes-Kepler University Linz (with Dr. Heinz Falk), University of Nevada Reno (with Dr. David Lightner), and University of British Columbia (with Dr. David Dolphin). Dr. Chen is currently the President and CEO of Hodoodo. Prior to joining MedKoo, Dr. Chen was a distinguished professor at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Zhongshan University (Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China) and a “100-person-plan” professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China). Dr. Chen also held senior positions in several pharmaceutical companies in USA, where he made contributions to the R&D of several FDA approved drugs. Dr. Chen has a strong interest in small molecule anticancer drug discovery and has published over 100 papers, submitted more than 20 patent applications, and authorized or co-authorized 10 books, including “Anticancer Small Molecular Libraries”; “New Drugs in Development for Cancers”; ” A Fast Guide to Anti-Cancer Drug Substances, Drug Products and Their Total Synthetic Routes”. (all books were written in Chinese, published by Science Press, Beijing).

Our team includes most qualified and talented synthetic and medicinal chemists and pharmaceutical marketing experts. They have the experience to manage the complex activities and tight time lines required for pharmaceutical projects. MedKoo is capable to provide qualified products and services at a very competitive price. MedKoo offers products and service from discovery and early medicinal chemistry to multiple kilogram scale synthesis.

Our success is due to our competitive pricing, our firmly commitment to customer service and to the talent and experience of our scientists, most of whom hold doctorates in chemistry, 


Research services: including all areas of medicinal chemistry research, custom organic synthesis, synthetic route optimization, synthetic process development, formulation development, bioanalytical services, molecule sourcing services, and molecule distributing services.


The pronouncation of Hodoodo is similar to Chinese “好多多”, meaning “many, many and good”. Our goal is to make Hodoodo to be the global leading supplier of any chemicals with the best quality.