About Hodoodo Products


We are actively collecting and listing every bioactive small molecules known in human history. All small molecules with potential values to life science and biomedical research are among our interests.  Our ultimate goal is to establish a global most comprehensive stock inventory of small molecule drugs. Through our comprehensive and well established supply chain, we are capable to offer a board range of products with high quality at most competitive price. At this moment, we DO NOT supply GMP, DMF and ISO certified products as well as DEA controlled substances. 


Our products include, are not limited to:
(1) small molecule drugs that were approved, disapproved, and withdrawn from the market;
(2) drug candidates that were entered into pre-clinical studies and clinical trials;
(3) various inhibitors; activators, agonists, antagonists.
(4) tool molecules, enzyme substracts, various dyes, fluoroscent probes, imaging agents;
(5) bioactive small molecules that were reported in peer-reviewed research publications;
(6) photosenstizers for photodynamic therapy research;
(7) cross-linkers for click chemsitry, bioconjugate synthesis, drug delivery and antibody-drug conjugation (ADC) ;
(8) new reagents for drug formulation, targeted drug delivery, nanomedicine formulation;
(9) new reagents for DNA, RNA, gene and vaccine delivery;
(10) other biochemicals and other pharmaceutical related chemicals.


Hodoodo currently has over 15000 inventory products with potential capacity to supply over 50000 small molecule drugs and biochemicals for life-science research use and laboratory tests. We are well educated and extensively-trained synthetic chemists with remarkable expertise on drug synthesis. Each product, each batch will be analyzed by NMR, HPLC and MS. Quality is 100% guaranteed. As always, we are supplying products having highest quality and most competitive prices. Hodoodo may do price match if customers obtained better price from other USA-based major suppliers (not international suppliers). 


Our web pages are extensively being updated on a daily-basis. We encourage customers to search our web page for price and availability. If product is in stock, price and shipping out time are listed. If no price is listed, this means the product is not in stock, which may be available by custom synthesis (usually expensive).