Welcome to Hodoodo.com

Hodoodo.com, a web site wholly-owned by MedKoo Biosciences, is a research-based manufacturer and global leading supplier of small molecule chemical reagents, chemical intermediates, synthetic building blocks, and fine chemicals. Hodoodo.com is a platform for customers to source and purchase the starting materials, chemical intermediates for medicinal chemistry research, drug design, drug synthesis and synthetic process development. Hodoodo is actively listing novel synthetic routes for all FDA approved small molecule drugs. The synthetic routes are carefully selected from peer-reviewed publications and patents. Synthetic chemists may use the synthetic routes as a starting point to design and develop their own synthetic process. Customers can also very easily order any chemical intermediates by clicking the chemical structure in the synthetic scheme. The goal of Hodoodo website is to comprehensively list all reported synthetic routes for all small molecule drugs approved in human history, providing a new resources of drug synthesis and chemical intermediates for global synthetic and medicinal chemists.

About name “Hodoodo”
The pronouncation of Hodoodo is similar to Chinese “好多多”, meaning “many, many and good”. Our goal is to make Hodoodo to be the global leading supplier of any chemicals with the best quality.