Hodoodo Bioscience is please to work with scientists to bring new discoveries out of the laboratory and into the commercial arena. Small molecules and peptides are our traditional area of expertise but any type of biological probe or other material applicable to preclinical research is of potential interest.


Hodoodo policy has always been to never knowingly infringe anyone's intellectual property. It is our intention to remain a responsible and ethical supplier and work with the scientific community. Hodoodo Product Managers have successfully worked in partnership with many scientists within both Universities and Pharmaceutical companies to bring life-science tools to the global research community. Our existing contracts cover confidentiality and non-disclosure, research, material transfer, licensing and supply agreements. Our service is also suited for inventors and patent holders that wish to retain control of the distribution of their invention if required. 


Our marketing and sales teams work with our international network of distributors to ensure the broadest commercial coverage possible. A combination of specially commissioned literature, our website and our trade show program will ensure that your materials are permanently showcased to our worldwide Life Science customers. To submit information on a potential licensing candidate or to discuss licensing opportunities please send email to our licensing team at sales@hodoodo.com


Remove  your patented product from Hodoodo Web site

We highly respect the patent right. If we unintentionally listed your patented product in our website and you would like to remove it, please send email to sales@hodoodo.com.  We will immeditatley discontinue and remove the requested product. There is no need to send a letter through your patent-attorney.